Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Todd and Sam run metlako in a duo!

Metlako in a topo!

Todd Wells and myself  fall off of  85 foot metlako in a topo-duo and attempt to break the world record. As you can see, I fell out of the front, so the record didnt count, but it was still ballsdeeeeep!!! no denying. Lots of people have been calling the music stupid, and saying it doesnt take any skill to go off a waterfall like that. You may be right, but yuusuck!

Great Day
Video: Todd Wells

Jack chop! our first time in a topo.... attempt rolls before hand.... todd swam in the eddy right above, also make sure to bless up, because the hikes brutal, and it's scary

topo duo from the back-seat, 80 feet to go

Evan Garcia running metlako for his 6th time

Evan in 3-d

Nate looks like a monkey. 


sam broken paddle over the head

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