Friday, May 20, 2011

Kootenai Creek

Kootenai Creek: Stevensville, Montana

Kootenai is a run about 30 minutes up the bitterroot mountain range from missoula. Luckily this year the run-off has got the rivers up to good high levels, and its worth the drive out there for a few laps. the clark fork got to 40,000 cfs! now that schools over, we have some time for some squeezers pizza and kootenai laps! Good times

BDP son!

The hike takes 15 minutes up the creek from the parking lot, ees nice!

Kootenai falls!  gotta run far right

Wes squarting


After some boogying and not many eddys there's a solid boof

Cleared the hole

cooling and waiting for ganzo n wes

ganzo! all smiles two runs

Little ceasers leads to big squezers after a long day paddling

the bdp van

walker killed another elk and ate it

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