Friday, April 29, 2011

Balls to the Wall With BDP

BDP goes all out in the PNW. Here's the 100% BDP video from this spring.

CRG Paddling Winter 2011 from Wells Brother Productions on Vimeo.

One of BDP's greatest, Griff Griffith, broke his back on that last drop. But it's all good. He don't give a fuck.

Who does your dishes?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Palguin

Palguin River in pucon

The kayaking was full-on!  our second day we woke up and ran the palguin, the source of many a thunderous nocturnal emission in our youth:

had some good times off the river too

solid christmas day

its pretty nice down there

getting buck as fuck!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Late 2010 photo dump

Some choice shots from october-november-december... grand canyon, palguin, nevados, rock creek, gauley, and the truss parking lot

Boof Lava ya minge!
Middle Palguin!

the room of doom

money$$ drop

fred giving chow namnamanmananam
top and bottom of fred on nutrients 

griff all smiles after running "portage" poop is floating somewhere nearby
 todd swam in the pool above metlako trying to roll the duo and again on bz. Double bootie time! "fucking crepes!..."


Some photos from the huckfest.

Todd on the radio, "Yo Johnson hurry da fuck up i wanna drink some beer already!"

Brendan finding the angle of the dangle.

Dropping into the caldron.

Tyler doing what he does best, killing dem softly.

Todd running Upper North for his second time.

Sporting some fresh new kicks!

Photo Dump!

Here are a bunch of BALLS DEEP photos!

Riding the Brown!

Stairway to brown... Nate drinking the hershey highway

Here was one of the first days in Chile, solo puesco.

Turbio steeze!

Switch Bitch!

Dropping into the SIPHON

This is how Balls Deep rolls! IM RICH BITCH!

Gone Zunders...

RLO goes hard.

This stout still needs to be slayed! You may spend some time in the slammer for it though if ya catch my drift.

Here is my girlfriend...just sayin.

Todd and Sam run metlako in a duo!

Metlako in a topo!

Todd Wells and myself  fall off of  85 foot metlako in a topo-duo and attempt to break the world record. As you can see, I fell out of the front, so the record didnt count, but it was still ballsdeeeeep!!! no denying. Lots of people have been calling the music stupid, and saying it doesnt take any skill to go off a waterfall like that. You may be right, but yuusuck!

Great Day
Video: Todd Wells

Jack chop! our first time in a topo.... attempt rolls before hand.... todd swam in the eddy right above, also make sure to bless up, because the hikes brutal, and it's scary

topo duo from the back-seat, 80 feet to go

Evan Garcia running metlako for his 6th time

Evan in 3-d

Nate looks like a monkey. 


sam broken paddle over the head

BDP goes skookumchuck

Skook video- March 2010

andy walker, sam freihofer, and ben hurd going super ballsdeep

It was cold! first surfs of the 2010 season.

titties and carrot cake